Future of Balding Treatments

November 30, 2015

 Future of Hair Loss Treatment

The future of balding treatment research holds much promise for treating hair loss.

With modern scientific research advances and many scientists searching for the cure to hair loss, it is only a matter of time until an incredible solution is found. Many possibilities for this “cure” are currently in the developmental stages and could be available in the next two to five years!

Future of Balding Treatments

The Future of Baldness Research


Hair Cloning

Instead of having to use already existing hairs for hair transplantation surgeries, scientists are beginning to develop a way to clone hair follicles. Therefore instead of needing to remove hair from particular areas of your body, you can potentially create an entire crop of hair and just place them in place of the thinning and dead hair follicles. Intercytex, the company currently at the forefront of this research, predicts that this will be available now.

Natural Regeneration

In 2007 scientists at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center stumbled upon a revolutionary discovery. While repairing a wound on a mouse, they realized that completely new hair follicles began to grow. This discovery can potentially usher in a completely new form of hair rejuvenation, which would involve the formation of entirely new hair follicles. A company named Follica has taken great strides in developing this project and they predict that this Natural Regeneration might be available as soon as 2016.

Stem Cells

Recently The Journal of Clinical Investigation has published a study, which explained that scientists have found dormant stem cells in balding areas. This means that if scientists can figure out a way to stimulate these cells into forming hair follicle cells, they can potentially completely cure hair loss. With all the promising breakthroughs in stem cell research it is certainly realistic to predict that in the next five years, scientists can find a way to manipulate stem cells so they can trigger hair growth and potentially end balding forever.

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