Hair Pieces

June 08, 2016
Hair Pieces are normally manufactured in Asian countries due to the lower labor costs. The pieces come in two forms, either formed with synthetic or human hair.

Hair Pieces

There is a wide range of quality in terms of synthetic hair. On the other hand, hair pieces made form human hair are normally consistently high quality hair pieces, however, they are more difficult to maintain and they begin to dry, frizz and change color due to sun exposure and lack of conditioning.

Hairpieces last around a year depending on how well you take care of them. Every couple months your hairpiece should be deeply cleaned, dyed and the attachments to your scalp should be redone. When buying a hair piece you should make sure that you cannot see the base, it was handmade, lightweight, comfortable, looks like a natural hairline and feels like real hair and skin. Personalized hairpieces are usually the best because the better the hairpiece fits your measurements, hair color, skin feel and hairstyles, the better quality of the hairpiece.
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