Biotin For Hair Growth and Hair Loss Treatment

January 10, 2017
Better known as vitamin H or B8, biotin is present in foods of animal origin as a vegetable. Its deficiency may be a deficit of cellular enzymes that affects tissues such as skin or hair. Much is spoken of the famous horse shampoo for human use. His supporters speak wonders of it and say, among other things, that leaves hair strong and shiny, as well as having properties of hair growth. All this attribute to that shampoo, directed to horses, has a large concentration of biotin between its components.

Biotin For Hair Growth

Biotin For Hair Loss.

Biotin is a vitamin called vitamin H or B8. It intervenes in the metabolism of the hydrates of carbon, fats, amino acids and purines as cofactor of enzymes; I.e. that it is necessary for the action of certain enzymes essential for cell replication processes.

For this reason, biotin is used for cell growth, the production of fatty acids and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Also, it helps to transfer carbon dioxide and participates in the maintenance of blood sugar levels. Hence, it can help to improve the levels of glucose in the blood of patients with diabetes, relieve muscle aches and combat eczema and dermatitis among other benefits.

Biotin deficiency

The truth is that biotin deficiency is very rare. Biotin is very present in both animal foods (fish, chicken, eggs, yeast and especially internal organs such as the kidney or the liver) as a vegetable (fruit, vegetables, nuts, potato, etc). In addition, the intestinal flora is able to synthesize a large amount of biotin.

For this reason, biotin deficiency is relatively rare, but can be treated with supplementation. A lack of biotin can be assumed, among other things, a deficit of cellular enzymes that affects tissues such as the skin or hair.

Causes of deficiency

Biotin deficiency can be caused By excessive consumption of egg white crude, which contains high levels of a protein called avidita, which has the distinction of joining the biotin and fail to be absorbed by the intestine of mammals. It also occurs by a deficiency in biotinidase, which is the enzyme that metabolizes it, rare or disorders in the same metabolism in alcoholics or that are subjected to treatments of anticonvulsants.

When there is a deficiency of biotin is easy causing dermatitis, conjunctivitis, loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, and neurologic symptoms such as depression, irritability or seizures.
To alleviate this deficiency, the specialist can manage supplements of biotin to patients.

Biotin and hair

Biotin supplements are sometimes recommended for seborrheic dermatitis or hair loss problems when, as we have mentioned, there is this vitamin deficiency. However, there are no studies that show the benefits of biotin when the subject does not have this deficiency.

In addition, biotin is not absorbed by the skin, but by the intestine, so the beneficial effects of the shampoos are much less uncertain with biotin through the scalp.

If we don't have a biotin deficiency, it is preferable to adjust our diet in a correct way rather than use these shampoos. However, if we want to be sure, the best is to go to a specialist so that they are diagnosed by our real problem.

The success of the horse shampoos

The boom of the horse shampoos is a phenomenon to study. The first thing we ask is if these people don't use hair products with biotin that exist in the market for humans. There are lots of shampoos with biotin being used as part of their ingredients. We find it in hair loss products, strengtheners, in different types of shampoos, etc and well-known brands in the market.

Biotin for hair loss and horse

Biotin is widely used in the equine diet as a supplementary nutrient to encourage the good condition of the helmet and the hair. Horses need nutrients from the blood to stimulate the growth of the tone and regeneration. The hoof wall is a dermal tissue, similar to the skin and hair, and studies showed that supplementation with biotin, together with other ingredients, improves the condition of the hooves of the horses.

However, it is said that the horses have no need of diets with biotin except for work under stress conditions, as they may be busy, long journeys or fed with low quality diet. And even in these cases, the deficiency of biotin in horses is relatively rare.

Also used as an equine shampoo to make the animal look a beautiful hair thanks to its excellent Properties detersive, I.e. by its hair cleaning property. It keeps the PH (the horse) balanced and leaves hair clean and bright, but not only for the biotin, but by the conjunction with the other ingredients. Among these, sometimes there are insecticides or insect repellents.

The damaging of the shampoos for horses.

At first, the use of any product not intended for human consumption must be rejected. It is possible that shampoos for horses are not harmful to humans, but we don't know if the insecticides (in case you have them), or other ingredients may damage our scalp if, for example, we have a problem such as allergies or irritation. And most importantly, that evidence of its efficacy, there is not in the hair. As we have already mentioned, a diet rich in biotin will offer better results.

Boitin, This vitamin, also called vitamin B7, vitamin H and occasionally vitamin B8, its part of the vitamin group B. It is characterized by working with metabolic functions of the organisms: fats, carbón hydrates, purines and amino acids. The biotin its very important in keeping the body temperature and to generate energy.

It also helps in its activity to folic acid, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid and amino acids. There is no scientific proof that they can help, but we will introduce the current information we have.

Biotin as a solution for hair loss.

It is positive that this vitamin helps to fight against alopecia and that it’s particularly important for the health of nails, skin, and hair. We can say with certain information that it helps, but without overreacting its possibilities.

There are several people that use dietary supplements with this vitamin and they claim to have good results, that a while later, after starting the treatment the hair loss reduces, and also having some other benefits like shine and silkiness. It's not about classifying biotin like a solution for hair loss, but it's about considering it like a special vitamin for our organism, that can't be missing for our general health.

In cases where you can see it improving your hair when you started taking biotin, it is explained simply by people that can be having a specific regime, which lacks the important nutrients that the organism needs. We're talking about unbalanced diet. That's why for some biotin may be the "solution" for hair loss, when you are actually balancing what it was actually out of normal range.
A balanced diet includes biotin hair loss which is a vitamin that simply has to be included in our diet.

Foods That Contain Biotin For Hair Loss.

It is contained in several foods, besides being synthesized by the bacteria from our intestine. For some reasons we have to ay that the lack of biotin in our body its very rare, and can only be caused by the person, like being on a severe diet or maybe for the use of certain specific drugs.

We find biotin when we eat certain vegetables like: cauliflower, peanut butter, mushrooms, yeast, almonds, nuts, soy, chickpeas, etc. 
Fruits such as: grapes, strawberries, watermelon, bananas, etc.
Whole grains and such like: wheat, flour, pastas, bread, rice, etc.
Animal sources : yolk, liver, kidney, guts in general, fish, chicken, etc.
We can also find it, like we said before, dietary supplement in capsule form and tablets containing biotin.

Considering the diversity of foods that contain biotin, only one situation very forced and extreme can explain the lack of this nutrient in the organism of a human being.

Biotin Hair Loss Functions

It participates in the transformations of glucose into energy.
Metabolizes carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
It cooperates in different cell processes.
In cases of diabetes, it helps prevent injuries that the sickness can provoke in the nervous system, the diabetic neuropathy.
It participates in the formation of hemoglobin.
It collaborates with the health of nails, skin and hair.

Related problems with the insufficiency of Biotin hair loss.

Alteration of the nervous system, depression, insomnia, mood swings, irritability.
Notable loss of energy in general.
Nausea, vomit, paleness, anorexic symptoms.
Hair problems: hair loss Skin problems: skin dryness

Biotin For Hair Growth

When looking for solutions to hair loss, biotin for hair growth is well worth exploring. Causing misery for the sufferer, hair loss can create feelings of low self esteem, reduced levels of confidence and a general sense of negativity. Although there are some temporary cosmetic solutions like weaves, wigs and new hair styles, they are not, in any way, a cure for the problem. Promoting hair re-growth in a natural way, is possible, using biotin for hair growth.
It is not uncommon for men to begin to lose their hair around the age of thirty or forty, although some men experience this around their late teens. During their forty’s and fifty’s, women can also expect some hair loss. It is also worth noting that younger women can experience this too.

When biotin, that is needed for hair growth is deficient, hair loss ensues. Vitamin deficiency, genetics and a hormonal imbalance can all create hair loss in both sexes. Giving birth and the menopause can be significant factors in altering the levels of hormones and vitamins one needs, resulting in further loss of hair.

Biotin for hair growth has many, varied implications for good health. Conjunctivitis, an inability to fight infection, depression and dermatitis are all conditions associated with B7 deficiency. Moreover, reduced hair growth and alopecia, loss of lashes and eyebrows, can all be a direct result of biotin deficiency.

Supplements Containing Biotin For Hair Growth

Much needed treatment may be sought from supplements containing biotin for hair growth. Supplements from an organizations such as offer hope to any sufferer. Seek advise, as it may be possible that biotin for hair growth is just one supplement of many needed, depending on individual circumstances. Does Biotin Induce Hair Growth – discover for yourself!

Biotin For Hair Loss
Both men and women who have suffered or are suffering from hair loss may want to investigate biotin for hair loss. A number of factors can lead to hair loss including vitamin deficiency and genetic traits. For the sufferer, this can be quite traumatic leading to low self esteem, lack of confidence and a negative self image. Wigs, weaves and styling hair to disguise balding, only offer a temporary solution. Finding a natural, more permanent option is possible for promoting growth and the following paragraphs aim to investigate the use of biotin for hair loss.
Hair loss is not exclusive to men who typically tend to thin in their thirty’s and forty’s although sometimes this can happen as early as their late teens. Women also tend to start losing hair around their forty’s and fifty’s, however, again this can happen earlier.

For both sexes, hair loss can be due to hormonal imbalances, genetics or vitamin deficiency. The menopause, and giving birth can result in a surge or decrease in hormones and vitamins, particularly biotin that is needed for hair growth, leading to thinning and hair loss.

Biotin is otherwise known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H and is vital for the renewal of cells, converting food into energy, and the bringing together of fatty acids. The amino acid, leucine is also known to require biotin for it’s metabolism. This vitamin is also responsible for transporting carbon dioxide around the body and it is also vital that an individual receives biotin for hair loss.

Bacteria found in the intestine produces biotin, however it is also derived from some foodstuffs. Although salmon, banana’s and some vegetables contain biotin for hair loss, they are not particularly rich in this compound. Higher quantity’s can be found in liver, egg yolks and peanuts. It should be noted however, that egg whites can reduce the amount of B7 present in the body.

A deficiency of this vitamin can have serious implications for ones health including conjunctivitis, dermatitis, depression and an impaired immune system. Alopecia and reduced hair growth are also usual symptoms of this kind of deficiency. The loss of eyebrows and lashes is also quite common. Biotin for hair loss is only one aspect of the benefits of this vitamin.

All things considered, it is apparent that one of the solutions to this problem may be found in using biotin for hair loss. Supplements such as those that can be purchased from may bring much wanted relief to the sufferer. However, it is important to seek the advise of the manufacturer as more than one product may be used in conjunction with biotin for hair loss.

Vitamin H or B7 is another term used for biotin, which is essential to the body for a number of reasons. This vitamin is a co-enzyme that is needed for the metabolism of fatty acids including leucine. Biotins other functions include, converting the food that is eaten into energy, cell growth and carrying carbon dioxide around the body. It is also imperative that humans receive biotin for hair growth.

Biotin for hair growth is produced naturally in intestinal bacteria but can also be found in food. Biotin for hair growth can also be found in banana’s, salmon and vegetable, however not in very large quantities. Egg whites can reduce the amount of B7 absorbed by the body. However, egg yolks, liver and peanuts all contain higher levels of biotin.

Health problems associated with a deficiency of this vitamin are numerous and can be quite serious. Depression, lowered levels of immunity, conjunctivitis and dermatitis are to name but a few. Biotin for hair growth has multiple implications for good health. Slow hair growth and alopecia are typical symptoms of inadequate levels of B7 in the body. Nor is it uncommon for one to lose lashes and eyebrows.

Biotin Product Supplements

Men and women who have hair concerns are turning to biotin for hair loss. The nutrients in biotin are essential to maintain the fullness of hair and control further loss. According to experts, biotin deficiency results to brittle, frail, and unhealthy hair. Many products are emerging in the market that contains biotin. It is crucial to know which product will be the most effective for one’s concern.

Biotin is vitamin B7; it occurs in the body naturally, which is produced in the intestine. Biotin is vital in the transfer of carbon dioxide that makes it essential in the carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It is useful in developing new skin cells and hair growth. Health professionals recommend including biotin in the daily diet either from natural food source or as supplement. Various products that contain biotin for hair loss are popular nowadays, and available in many forms.

A Vital Ingredient To Regrow Hair

The biotin for hair loss supplement in tablets or capsules are helpful in making the hair strand strong, and are effective in controlling hair fall. These products treat other symptoms of hair loss to prevent baldness due to biotin deficiency. Another form of biotin supplement is incorporated in shampoo.

This type of biotin for hair loss product is commonly applied in the scalp and hair in order to promote the hair growth. Applying biotin in the hair consistently will result to thicker and fuller hair. The biotin in a shampoo form is also beneficial for people whose thinning hair occurs only in some parts of the head.

Upon knowing the different products of biotin, it is already the discretion of the users what will be the best for their hair condition. Whether taking biotin in the form of a tablet or using it just like a regular shampoo, the purpose is to make the hair healthy and strong. The biotin for hair loss products is the best hair care supplement for men and women.
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