How To Stop Hair Loss in Men

January 10, 2017
How to stop hair loss is a query that most men want to know? Men usually suffer from hair loss more than women and it can take a toll on their self image. Hair isn’t something we need to survive but it certainly would be best if we had it. This is why knowing about the available treatments around to remove hair loss is important as no one deserves to be dealing with this condition.

Even if many think that learning how to stop hair loss is difficult, there are actually simple ways that can be accomplished to eliminate it. With just keeping your body healthy, you can already remove hair loss. Your hair also has to be nourished so consume healthy to give your hair and body the nourishment it needs. For your hair, consuming foods that are rich with vitamin B is important as this makes Keratin that maintains hair healthy.

There are doctors whose answer is to how to stop hair loss is by obtaining hair transplants and hair plugs through doing surgery. Surgery has dangers and doctors only advise this for those who have lost all their hair. Surgery is not only dangerous but very costly too. It is your decision whether you think that doing surgery is the right option for you.

How To Stop Hair Loss in Men Some doctors also prescribe medication like Minoxidil and Finasteride to stop hair loss. These two are the known medications used for treating hair loss and were both first used for treatment of other disorders. You could treat high blood pressure with Minoxidil and benign prostatic hyperplasia with Finasteride. Seeing as they were discovered to treat hair loss, they are now being utilized for such today.

If you want to find out how to stop hair loss effectively and safely, then you must turn to herbal remedies to aid you solve this condition. Saw palmetto is a palm plant that has been found to be successful in treating hair loss so if you want something sure and has no side effects at all, use products that contain this extract. Use this and be pleased with the results.

The Top Way To Stop Hair Loss

What most men fear is that as they grow older they will start to lose hair. To avoid suffering from hair loss, you have to do what you can to stop hair loss. The confidence of people may disappear without hair but hair isn’t needed for survival. Know the importance of your hair before it is too late.

Part of everyday care for your hair to stop hair loss is to wash and massage your hair daily. Only use healthy nourishing hair goods and not those that are harmful to your hair. Only use natural products and keep away from those with harmful chemicals as that is not good for your hair. You will be able to increase blood circulation to your head to permit hair to grow regularly with massaging it everyday.

To stop hair loss, it is also vital that you ensure your hair gets all the vitamins and minerals it requires and to do this you can simply eat the proper foods. Keratin is recognized for keeping hair healthy which can be done by taking vitamin B. Including vitamin B to your diet by eating foods such as salmon, eggs, and yogurt will really aid get all the nutrients to your scalp.

There are a couple of people who choose to do surgery to get hair transplants and hair plugs. Doctors usually suggest this for those who have severe hair problems but it may not be the best choice. You can expect surgery to be dangerous and expensive. There are those that don’t mind having to pay this amount for surgery which is why they go for this procedure.

Alternative medication with using saw palmetto is a choice that many use to stop hair loss today. Saw palmetto is a palm plant that originates from North America which is used to treat urinary and reproductive disorders as well as get rid of hair loss. It is safe and effective to use products with saw palmetto to remove hair loss.

Foods That Stop Hair Loss

We have access to many foods that can help us with hair loss naturally before we go and start spending our hard earned cash on all the different hair loss products out there. A quick trip to the grocery store and you will not only be eating better but you can also help stop your hair loss just by eating right.

I have listed 9 basic foods that will help deliver the natural hair loss vitamins and minerals needed to increase blood flow to the scalp and give the hair follicle everything it needs to start growing healthier hair. Of course everybody is different because we have different genetics and not every hair loss product can work for everyone but most of the hair loss products (mainly vitamins) out there are comprised of the ingredient found in these natural food sources.

1. Fish

Fish is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Protein and essential fatty acids. Fatty acids play an important role in keeping healthy hair, nails, and skin.

2. Roast beef

Roast beef is a good source of Vitamin B-6 and Zinc. It’s also a good source of protein of course. Vegans might consider taking Soy beans instead for protein and chickpeas for vitamin B6 and Zinc.

3. Oranges or Citrus fruits

Oranges (or orange juice) are a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps make meat and soy sources of Iron more absorb-able. Vitamin C is a big part of the development of collagen, which is necessary for hair growth.

4. Almonds

Almonds are good sources of protein; Iron and Vitamin E. Almonds help lower cholesterol. Caution: Some drugs used to lower cholesterol can actually cause hair loss.

5. Whole wheat

Whole wheat is a good source of Silica and Iron. Silica is very important because it helps with the absorption of many other vitamins and minerals. One of the main causes of hair loss could be the very lack of Silica in the diet.

6. Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk has absorb-able Iodine. It’s impossible to overdose on Iodine from food sources unlike Iodized salt.

7. oats

Oats are a good source of easily absorb-able Iron as well. It is an excellent source of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

8. Soy beans

Soy is another great source of protein. It actually contains a large amount of two very important vitamins and minerals need for healthy hair, (Iron and Vitamin E). The body needs iron for it’s role in hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin is responsible for getting oxygen to the tissues of the body. Without it your hair won’t grow.
Vitamin E also helps with the absorption of oxygen and increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

9. Chickpeas

Eating chickpeas basically kills two birds with one stone. You will get the much needed vitamin B6 and zinc at the same time to ensure healthy hair. Zinc has a very important role when the body build hair protein.
Vitamin A also works together with Zinc. Missing one of those two causes you to have dandruff that could contribute to hair loss. If you eat roast beef instead you get all of the same benefits and protein as well.

What Can You Do To Stop Losing Hair And Stop Bald Spots Appearing?

If you have a receding hairline, or you have noticed some bald spots, or you have just noticed you are losing more hair than you used to, then it is not surprising if you are panicking a little. Losing hair is something that we all take very seriously, and for good reason. One of the first things that you should do is check in with your doctor to see if there is a medical condition that is responsible this problem of losing hair for you.

If your thyroid is acting up, then hair loss could be one of the symptoms, and of course there are other conditions that have hair loss as a symptom too. So make that appointment and talk to your doctor about your hair loss.

If you have already been given a clean bill of health, then look back at the men in your family, and whether they have gone bald at an early age or have receding hairlines, as your problem may be partially caused by family genetics, and possibly age as well. Genetics make hair loss harder to deal with, but the good news is that there are plenty of products on the market for you to try, some of which get great results for some people. However, not every products work well for everyone, and you may have to use quite a few before finding one that suits you. This is because we all respond differently to the same things. Some foods we love, while others cause us allergic reactions, we all handle stress differently and respond differently to bacteria, viruses, and so on.

One advantage of being different is that it always leaves hope that something else will work better. Recent research has shown that in men over the age of 25, there is an excess of the hormone DHT. It has been found that this hormone is responsible for hair loss, and for the thinning of hair as we age.

Further research suggests that by stopping the production of this hormone by the use of hormone blockers, the losing hair will stop , which is great if this works for you. Naturally you need to talk about this with your medical doctor to find out if your levels of DHT are too high, and if the hormone blocker has any side effects which could negatively impact your health.
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