DHT Blocker For Hair Loss

January 13, 2017
DHT Blocker For Hair Loss
It is a known fact that hair loss can be heredity, and due to some hormonal changes in a body. It is also interesting to learn that an important substance that has an effect on male baldness is dht.

This dht influences male baldness with the changes in hormone levels it invokes.

Dht is basically a substance that plays an important part in facial and body hair growth as it is associated with the hormone, testosterone.

Testosterone and dht is found in adrenal glands, prostrate glands and hair follicles. It is because of this function and presence of dht that dht blockers are used in treating hair loss.

Dht blockers give best hair regrowth results in men between 18 – 40 years

It is when the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase acts on testosterone that dht is produced. With the production of dht, you find an increase in thinning hair and receding of hairlines in men.

So to provide a counter effect here, there are now many products available with herbs and minerals that work with 5 alpha-reductase and thus create dht blockers.

It is the supplements and products with the right ingredients in the right amount that block the damaging affects of dht. It is usually men in the age group of 18 to 40 who are most susceptible to hair regrowth because of these products and supplements.

A variety of treatment options with dht inhibitor

There are many hair loss treatment options available today with dht inhibitors. Some of these treatment options rely on antiandrogens, which are responsible for the combination of dht with androgen receptors.

Then there are dht inhibitors that work at creating a balance between regrowth of hair and the shedding of hair in a person by controlling the production of dht. It is by limiting the levels of dht in the body that this type of hair loss is reduced.

The dht levels are reduced using dht blocker products which include shampoos, tablets and supplements.

Some product with dht blockers

Avacor is an effective dht blocker, with a regrowth formula that costs about $240 for a three month course. You can choose your dht blockers here in the form of detoxifying shampoos, thickening shampoos, thickening serums and volumizing conditioners.

Procerin is a leading herbal product that helps in treating hair loss. It contains herbs and vitamin and mineral dht blockers that are most effective in treating hair loss in men between the ages of 18 and 35. All that has to be done to stop hair loss is to take a tablet in the morning and at bedtime.

NuHair dht blocker tablets come with a time released formula that aim at preventing hair loss and thinning hair. This is an all natural option that not only nourishes the scalp and hair, but also helps in the promotion of hair regrowth.

These are only some of the hair care products with dht blockers that work hard at treating hair loss and hair thinning. It is your doctor who will be able to guide you on choosing the best product to treat your hair loss problem.
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