DHT Hair Loss Shampoo

January 13, 2017
DHT Hair Loss Shampoo
Millions of men and women across the world are today suffering from hair loss because of various factors and causes. And to help solve this problem of hair loss, there are not only numerous natural approaches that can be used, but also various hair loss treatments and products like hair loss shampoo that help treat hair loss.

Of the many hair loss treatments available, there are some products that stop hair loss while other products that mainly help in the re-growth of hair.

If you are working at controlling hair loss, there are four methods that can be used. And the interesting thing is that one of the factors for hair loss itself is involved in this treatment.

Dht is a metabolite affecting body and facial hair

This factor is dht, which is a metabolite that is associated with the hormone, testosterone which exists in the prostate glands, hair follicles, testes and adrenal glands. Of the lot, dht plays a very important part in facial and body hair as it can induce hair loss.

There are today some hair loss treatments available that concentrate on stopping the action of dht and in preventing its production. This is done with the help of antiandrogens that concentrate on stopping dht from combining with androgen receptors. Another method is using dht inhibitors for limiting the production of dht so that there is a healthy balance between hair shedding and its regrowth.

Dht shampoos work at reducing hair loss

A specially medicated shampoo called dht shampoos are today used for hair loss care. These dht blocking shampoos work at neutralizing the conversion of enzymes to dht. This in turn helps in the reduction of hair loss and hair thinning.

These dht shampoos are usually formulated with zinc and natural botanical extracts that help in the stimulation of circulation in the body and in infusing the scalp with the necessary nutrients and vitamins for healthy hair growth.

Moreover, the active ingredients in dht shampoos like zinc, sage and fenugreek help in slowing or stopping hair loss with the blocking of dht conversion. These shampoos are great for stopping hair loss that is due to stress, hormonal changes and even excessive amounts of oils and dirt.

Zinc helps slow down the accumulation of dht

It is because zinc and botanical extracts have been proven to slow down the accumulation of dht that all this is possible. There are many patented compounds for you to choose for your hair loss care in the form of dht shampoos and conditioners.

These products have to be used everyday or as part of a hair regimen, and have proven to be very popular and effective in hair regrowth. They are also effective in the promotion and stimulation of new hair. In addition to these natural extracts, these dht shampoos also have hair vitamins that provide for a disciplined and consistent approach in curing hair loss.
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